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3082 Peachtree Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30305


About Plan-it Friendly

About Plan-it Friendly

Plan-it Friendly is a boutique consultancy focused on making your eco-vision a reality.  We are dedicated to aligning environmental strategy to your business objectives. We help develop & implement environmental initiatives that are practical and benefit the eco-bottom line (economic & ecological). We accomplish this by reducing costs, mitigating negative environmental impact, enhancing public image, engaging employees & strengthening brand loyalty. 


To provide our clients with the best resources & forward-thinking solutions that have economic & ecological value (eco-value). Our aim is to help develop & implement environmental initiatives that are practical and have sustainable benefits for our clients. 


The vision of Plan-it Friendly is to be recognized as a leader in providing pragmatic, innovative solutions that benefit our client’s eco-bottom line. We want to reach a point in day-to-day business where the economic drivers & related ecosystem services thrive simultaneously versus the current state of one typically benefitting at the expense of the other.

We can help you:

  • mitigate negative environmental impact
  • attract more customers
  • engage employees
  • enhance public image
  • reduce costs
  • strengthen brand loyalty
We have to be able to protect the environment and protect the economy at the same time.
— Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

About Hadley Laughlin (Founder)


From small acts like recycling and reusing products to larger acts like volunteering for local environmental programs, Hadley has always had a personal passion for being planet friendly. At a professional level, she successfully incorporated green initiatives into her role at The Coca-Cola Company and was an active member on an internal Green Task Force there. In 2007, Hadley co-founded the Atlanta Green Meetings Council (AGMC), a forum for peers in the hospitality sector to collaborate on environmental best practices & challenges in the industry. Combining her experience & knowledge base with her entrepreneurial spirit were the catalysts for establishing Plan-it Friendly in April 2008.


  • B.A. in Environmental Sciences from University of Virginia
  • Professional Certificate in Sustainable Business from University of Vermont
  • Certificate of Excellence in Achievement for Sustainability Leadership Series from GreenBusiness Works and Sustainable Atlanta

    Core Competencies:

  • Project & budget management
  • delivers results by meeting or exceeding expectations
  • drives innovative business improvements by developing unique ideas that can be used to address business issues & improve the organization
  • dynamic team player that acts as an extension of the client's organization
  • develops value-based relationships
  • extensive global travel and cross-cultural experience that produces a multi-dimensional perspective

    Volunteer Efforts:

  • Member of the Artemis Board for Fernbank Museum of Natural History
  • Captain Planet Foundation's Earth Day Kids Fest
  • 2nd Annual Arms Around Atlanta - Earth Day Celebration
  • Green Foodservice Alliance
  • Georgia Organics' Farm to School Program