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TV's Digital Conversion - June 12 in Georgia

Hadley Laughlin


For those Georgians without cable or satellite TV and who do not have compatible TV’s for digital conversion, please do not throw your old TV into the trash can.  Instead, you can recycle it with…




at Tommy Nobis Center

1480 Bells Ferry Road, Marietta, GA 30066

Recycletronics press release…

Many years of research and development have led to a unique process and machinery to recycle CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TVs and monitors just in time for the June 12 digital TV transition.  Tommy Nobis Center (TNC) has been licensed by MOLAM, the only EPA contractor for electronics recycling in the State of Georgia, to use the first complete TV and monitor recycling process in the United States.  Many recyclers either ship whole TVs overseas or partially process them (using older mechanisms such as “CRT Angel”) and then ship overseas.   However, Recycletronics’TM  process utilizes a dismantling line, CRT Preprocessor, CRT Auto Cutter, and CRT Dry Washing system which produces clean furnace ready reusable glass here in Georgia.  This revolutionary process will soon be available nationwide through RecycletronicsTM authorized facilities.

 This innovative machinery helps keep our environment free of hazardous electronic material.  Our alliance and cooperation with Tommy Nobis Center provides “green” jobs for individuals with disabilities. Additionally, our process creates and supplies standardized reusable/resalable commodities such as glass, steel, copper, and plastics to the manufacturing sector. 

 RecycletronicsTM, under a take back program with Sony and Waste Management, is accepting all Sony electronics including TVs and monitors free of cost.  For other than Sony TVs or monitors, there is a $10 charge for the first TV and $5 for each additional TV or computer monitor. One hundred or more units are subject to special discounts (contact the depot for details).  All other electronics except kitchen appliances are recycled for free.  All donors receive a receipt for tax deduction.

 Recycletronics™ is a wholly owned Trademark of MOLAM International.

Happy Earth Day!

Hadley Laughlin


April is an exciting month…chalk full of Earth Day events that generate all sorts of awareness about our environment.  In the spirit of raising awareness, I wanted to share some interesting facts….

-1970 was a big year…the 1st Earth Day was held on April 22 and the EPA was established on December 2.

-The average American’s daily water use (for all purposes, including energy and industry) is 1,500 gallons .

-Of the 100 million tons of plastic produced each year, about 10 percent ends up in the ocean.  So, the next time you order seafood, think about what you might be eating.

-China has overtaken the United States as the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases.

-Average waste produced by Americans each day in 2006 was 4.6 pounds per person.

-Paper bags take more water and energy to make than the production of plastic bags.  While both are recyclable, why not eliminate them altogether and use reusable bags.

-How many miles does your food travel to get to your plate?  An average of 1500 miles, so hit your local farmers market.

-Idling a car engine for more than 10 seconds emits more pollution than turning it off and back on again.

So, as April comes and goes, remember that you can make a difference 365 days a year by incorporating the 3 R’s in your daily decisions…REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE.


Green Marketing: Language & Strategy

Hadley Laughlin


Green Marketing  is a crucial component for any entity whether big or small, start-up or well-established that integrates or wants to integrate environmental initiatives into their business objectives.   That said, I wanted to share some helpful links…

Green Claims – FTC guidelines and language

Green Strategy- Credibility, Relevance, Effective Messaging, Differentiation   (excerpt from Joel Makower’s book, “Strategies for the Green Economy” )

Now, more than ever, it is critical for organizations to clearly & concisely state what their products’ and/or services’ green attributes are to avoid being thrown into the greenwashing category.