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SOLIO: Portable Solar Power for you & me

Hadley Laughlin


In today’s world, we are surrounded by technology everywhere we turn.  A lot of this technology comes in the form of small gadgets – like iPods, iPhones, Blackberrys, cell phones, GPS systems, video games, digital cameras, etc.  And, with having some or all of these devices, you have a bunch of wall chargers that you have to keep straight…UGH!  Don’t fret, there is a streamlined, eco-friendly solution for powering up all of these things…SOLIO.  SOLIO is an award winning, solar hybrid charger that comes with a variety of tips that plug into most of your handheld devices.   It is compact, durable and portable.  Its internal battery is charged via clean, free sunlight and holds its charge for a year.   If you happen to live in a cave or something, you have the option to charge SOLIO’s internal battery via a wall charger or a USB connection.  So, there you have it…simplify your life by getting rid of all of those product specific wall chargers and just take one SOLIO with you wherever you go.