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True champion of the planet

Hadley Laughlin


Recently, I was in beautiful Whitefish, MT and came across a woman sorting through 2 recycle bins at her workplace.  I stopped to ask her about her work’s recycling program.  She answered that they do not have one and that there is little infrastructure in the Flathead region to support waste diversion efforts, like recycling & composting.  That said, she does have a recycling service provider for her home, so she created the 2 make-shift bins and schleps the plastic bottles and aluminum cans to her home for weekly pick-up.  WOW…I was blown away for 2 reasons:

1)  She has taken it upon herself to make the extra effort (at her expense & time) to make a difference at her workplace…Kudos for being a true champion of the planet!!

2)  Montana, big sky country, touts itself as “the last best place.”  However, without adequate waste diversion services made available to its communities, Montana runs the risk of not being “the last best place.”  Empowering its people is key to sustaining its natural beauty.