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3082 Peachtree Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30305



In today’s world, organizations see the need to have a sound strategy that encompasses economic, social & environmental aspects.  It can seem overwhelming at times because those responsible for establishing and implementing such strategy usually have other roles to perform. So, while the desire is there, the bandwidth to execute is not. This is where Plan-it Friendly comes into play. Plan-it Friendly’s primary focus is on the economic and environmental components.


Plan-it Friendly strives to meet & exceed client’s expectations through the following services:

  • Green Event Management - Strategic event marketing, planning & execution that mitigates negative impact on the environment
    • Use eco-friendly mediums in communication plan and brand activation
    • Set expectations by incorporating “green” policies into RFP’s & contracts
    • Implement the 3 R’s: Recycle, Reduce & Reuse
    • Monitor and measure
  • Sustainable Project Management - Facilitate the integration of environmental stewardship throughout client’s value chain
    • Work with client’s internal Green Task Force and ensure key functions are represented
    • Establish a systematic approach to managing environmental issues:
      • Define scope
      • Identify & prioritize issues
      • Develop & implement action plans
      • Monitor action plans & adjust as needed
    • Projects can include waste reduction, energy efficiency, sustainable purchasing and more

Our services are multifaceted and entail researching the marketplace, providing technical assistance, identifying challenges & opportunities, gathering data to establish a baseline metric, generating ideas, implementing strategy and managing projects.


Plan-it Friendly's clients include:

  • ignition
  • The Coca-Cola Company 
  • GreenBusiness Works Expo
  • Captain Planet Foundation 
  • Elemental Impact 
  • Zero Waste Zone